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26th Annual Open Martial Arts Tournament

And the winners are...

Back row: Chris Chorolovski, Katrina Houston, Jaxson Lee (Gold medals in Kata, Kumite, and Ne Waza), Nathan Douglas (4th place Kata), David Dudenhoffer, Matthew Waye, Keira Herrington (Silver - Ne Waza, Bronze - Kata), Chris Gilchrist (Bronze - Ne Waza), Joshua Chorolovski, Michael McTaggart

Front row: Maggie Chen (4th - Kata, 4th - Ne Waza), Matthew Choinard (Silver - Kumite), Eric Douglas (Bronze - Ne Waza), Choice Burgess (Gold - Ne Waza), Alexis Rose (Gold - Kumite, Silver - Ne Waza, Bronze - Kata), Ben Chambers, Hunter Beaudrie (Gold - Kata, Silver - Kumite, Bronze - Ne Waza), Tristan Humphries, Joy Chorolovski, Owen, Ben Watson (Gold - Ne Waza) .. Missing medal winners: Mackenzie Pye (Gold - Kata), Chris Langille (4th - Ne Waza)

Extreme Left: Sensei Norm Clifton Extreme Right: Sensei Martin Salisbury

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