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Satori Uniforms

The Satori Label has been operating since 1996 and is located in Ontario, Canada. All uniforms are manufactured on site under the vigilant supervision of a production team, which includes a Martial Artist, a Fashion Designer, and a Master Tailor. The Satori label represents our commitment to supplying you the most comfortable Karate Dogi available today.

size chart

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Satori Beginner & Intermediate

white 100% cotton

Beginner Dogi 7.5 oz

Select Size
Style / Embroidery (reqular BKJJ members)

Intermediate Dogi 8.5 oz

Embroidery (required for BKJJ members)

Heavyweight Karate Uniforms

Featuring: Mid-Thigh length Jacket, 3/4 length Sleeves & Pant see chart

Featuring: Hip length Jacket, 3/4 length Sleeves & Ankle length Pant see chart

SATORI Heavyweight 12 oz

100% cotton - Standard Sizes, call to enquire on pricing

SATORI Heavyweight 15 oz

100% cotton - Standard Sizes, call or email to enquire on pricing

The Satori Karate Dogi includes several distinctive features:

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sparring Gear and other supplies

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