30th Annual Open Martial Arts Tournament


Pending new Ontario Legislation concerns. Date TBA

Fight Order in Council 1087/2017

If you are into Karate, Kung-Fu, Boxing, MMA, Taekwon Do, or any other sport that may include striking or kicking, then we ask that you sign our petition against Order in Council 1087/2017 and defend your constitutional right to participate in your cultural practices – as a participant, competitor, organizer or spectator. Click on link below to find out more.



Centennial Secondary School
160 Palmer Road, Belleville, ON (see map)


Everyone is welcome to our family oriented tournament. Outside clubs and styles are invited to particpate.

Events and Rules

Kata Individual

Kata Team

Kata Weapons

Kumite (Point Sparring)

Kumite (Point Sparring)

  • Matches to 3 points
  • No head contact, no sweeps.

Ne Waza (Grappling)

  • Start from standing position with collar/sleeve grips.
  • Children's matches: 2 X 1 minute rounds with ~30 seconds rest period between rounds.
  • Adult matches: 2 X 2 minute rounds with ~30 seconds rest period between rounds.
  • Throw or take-down with control - between 1 & 3 points based on referee's discretion.
  • Ground control - Top or back control for 5 seconds - 1 point
  • Reversals - 1 point for reversing to neutral position, 2 points for reversing to dominant position
  • No ground control points awarded if bottom player has guard.
  • After scoring a point in any ground control position, competitor must transition to a different position in order to score additional points.
  • If 4 control points are scored in succession, both competitors are stood back up and match resumes from the feet.
  • NO strikes, locks or chokes are permitted.
  • Competitors may be disqualified for intent to injure per referee's discretion.
  • Host reserves the right to make rule adjustments as necessary.

Jiu Jitsu Demos

  • mostly 2 person teams (back & forth techniques)
  • also 3 person teams (also accepted)
  • 1 person teams (single Tori & assisting Uke -instead of back & forth techniques)
  • approx 4 techniques each
  • Judged based on quality of the technique, control shown, spirit, etc.
  • Open belt category



$25.00 for 1 event $5.00 each additional event. NO cheques at door, sorry CASH ONLY!

Spectators $2.00 with proceeds going to Muscular Dystrophy.

  • Registration at the door 9:00 a.m.
  • BLACK BELT MEETING 10:00 a.m.
  • START 11:00 a.m. SHARP

Map to Event

Centennial Secondary School
160 Palmer Road, Belleville, ON

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Tournament Sponsors

Eagle Orthopaedics sponsor Mr Print Sponsor Brad Denoon Photographer Satori Uniforms Clifton Design Mackay Insurance Sponsor Competition Motors Sponsor Quinte Coupons Sponsor Trent Valley Distributers Sponsor St Johns Abulance

Club Sponsors

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